Mission 6

Mission "strengthening"

In June, 2004 with three years of distance we can startb to be satisfied with our action. The children and the teachers welcome us with always so much joy and hope. We see the children growing and making progress as well on the level of their studies as of their communication with the external world. Helene the speech therapist volunteer is going to hand over to Veronique. Thanks to Helene, the very first nursery class for deaf children in Cambodia is going to open on October. In the next mission, we will fit very young children.

Mission 5

Christmas in Cambodia

The mission taking place from December 23rd, 2003 to January 3rd, 2004, on Christmas Day the team is transformed into Santa Claus and to the greatest joy of the children distributes to each one a small present brought from France. The children fitted since two and half years are progressing. Helene, young volunteer speech therapist, is working in the schools since the month of July 2003: she continues with the training of the teachers and particularly follows the children – 45 currently – who begin to develop a language.

Mission 4

Two new schools

One in Kompong Cham and the other one in Sihanoukville, receive deaf children since the start of the school year. In March 2003, the team of ESC tests these children and takes their ear prints. After discussion with Benoit DUCHATEAU-ARMINJON, founder president of Krousar Thmey, the team decides to take care of the children of Kompong Cham as well as those of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Battambang. Indeed, in these schools thanks to the director and teaching staff, there is a real follow-up of the children and their hearing aids. Unfortunately these conditions are not met, for various reasons, in the school of Sihanoukville.

Mission 3

The speech therapy

The speech therapy began being set up in July 2002 by a speech therapist from Toulon who conducted a training of speech therapy techniques to the specialized teachers.

Mission 2

The mission "validation"

Composed of three persons, it takes place in March 2002. It is aiming to control the effectiveness of the action of the first mission. How behaved the children? Did they wear their hearing aids? Indeed, in spite of a few losses, the result is overall positive, hearing aids are worn and well maintained in spite of the constraints due to the hot and wet climate. The new children to integrate one of the three schools are tested and will be fitted during the next mission.

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